Standby Rescue

Alpha Integrated Solutions provides highly trained and experienced rope access Standby Rescue personnel who can supervise confined space entry, work at height, manage compliance, administer rescue and deliver first aid on your site or during a shutdown. Elements of this include:

  • Flexible scheduling available. Capable of short notice response, anytime day or night
  • 2 person (minimum) team of professionals - each team member has extensive training and hands-on experience in permit-required confined space entry and rescue
  • AIS provides standby services in that the rescue team members are also capable of providing additional, attendant safety watch service
  • AIS personnel are well versed in entry permits (hazard identification) attendant and entrant responsibilities, personal protective equipment, atmospheric monitoring, respiratory protection and retrieval systems
  • Team members will be equipped for and prepared to provide: patient assessment, indicated patient packaging and basic life support measures
  • Standby rescue teams are self-equipped with the necessary rescue gear which includes, but is not limited to: personal protective equipment, technical rope systems and hardware, atmospheric monitoring equipment, intrinsically safe lighting, first aid equipment, patient packaging equipment
  • Other rescue equipment can be provided like long line BA, SCBA, ELSA’s and PDA’s